• Kim Rabe

Explore the Elgin wine route with me

When I started Boutique Winery Tours, I wanted to focus on small producing off the beaten track vineyards with loads of personality and interesting wines. The Elgin wine valley really delivers on all the above and we tend to forget that it’s about the same travel time from Cape Town as it is to the well trodden Franschhoek wine route and arguably just as beautiful.

Elgin is a budding wine region, traditionally known for its apple and pear farming; it is now recognised for producing excellent cool-climate style wines. The valley is located at 350 m above sea level, is positioned very close to the ocean and enjoys both a healthy rainfall and cloud cover. All of which contribute to a slower ripening time on the vine and an end product that is characteristically pure, complex and elegant.

Here are some of my favourite places to visit and I hope to add to this list over the next few months…

Charles Fox

There’s no better way to start the day than a tasting of 6 sparkling wines made in the traditional Champagne tradition and explore this boutique cellar with Charles Fox himself, “c'est magnifique”.


Head into the hills in search of some of the best wines you’ll try in the valley and if your enthusiastic about architecture you might enjoy the fact that the grand old manor house was designed by Sir Herbert Baker.


This beautifully designed modern cellar offers magnificent views as wide as the eye can see and a good variety of wines to sample from.

Paul Cluver

This family run fruit farm were among the first to produce excellent cool climate wines and have a restaurant onsite.

Highlands road

This quaint and friendly farm is the perfect location for a casual pizza and a few glasses of wine

Paul Wallace

The Wallace’s must be among the most welcoming folk you can find but apart from the friendly banter you can enjoy the best wine and chocolate pairing in a gorgeous relaxed farm setting.

Oak valley

Located on an immense estate, wine tastings are done at their Pool room restaurant, excellent examples of Elgin's elegant wines.

Elgin railway market

Every fortnight the steam engine arrives at the Elgin station platform and is well worth seeing on its own but arrive hungry as the market offers a big choice of delicious goodies and beverages. The market is housed in a converted apple warehouse and is beautifully designed with a steam punk theme in mind.

Whilst I don’t currently advertise an Elgin wine tour, I am definitely open to it upon request and would highly recommend it to anyone who has either already experienced the more well known wine routes, is in search of an authentic off the beaten path experience or is particularly interested in cool climate styles of wine. If this sounds like it’s for you, please get in touch


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