• Kim Rabe

Cape Town food tours

Updated: May 27, 2019

Whenever I visit a new city, the first thing I do is put on my walking shoes; there is no better way to uncover the pulse of a place than to walk around trying to blend in with the locals. Cape Town’s city centre is one of the most visited places in Africa and for good reason, its eclectic, vibey and trendy all mashed in with wonderful examples of art and architecture from our varied history.

Cape Malay cuisine

Samoosa's and chutney

Understanding our multi-cultural make up can be confusing, after all were descendants of various African tribes, European immigrants, slaves and political convicts brought here from the East. We speak 11 official languages and have all witnessed this countries evolution from different angles and influences.

Cape Dutch milktart or melktert

To help you get a grip on where we as South Africans come from and who we are now, I invite you on a cultural and culinary exploration of the city. This is not a boring history lesson, but rather an overview of our heritage one bite at a time.

Street food in Bo Kaap

Discover more about the unique flora of this region

  • Uncover art installations, markets, cathedrals, unique architecture and sights with historical significance.

  • Taste uniquely South African foods and beverages (incl wine)

  • Tour duration 3 hours Mon-Fri, 9-12 am

Fynbos tea tasting

  • Please inquire for more information

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