• Kim Rabe

Customise your food tour

#glutenfree #vegan #lactoseintolerant #kosher #halaal whatever your dietary needs we’ll take care of it

I understand in today’s world that we all have different health needs; allergies and intolerances or perhaps religious persuasions that affect what we can or can’t eat. Perhaps you’re just on a good old fashioned diet but don’t want to miss out on the foodie fun, fear not I can tailor-make your private food experience.

Here is some healthy inspiration for what could be included on your Cape Town food tour...

Rooibos tea and rusk tasting

Rooibos tea is native to the Western Cape and jam-packed with goodness. Paired here with home-baked gluten-free rusks, a very traditional South African way to start the day.

Fynbos salts and dressings

Learn more about our natural fynbos which grows natively at the Cape. These plants can be dried and used as alternatives to other herbs and seasonings and make lovely salad dressing, teas, ointments and more. They also have an array of natural healing benefits for us.

Cape Malay lentil stew

Vegan's fear not, most dishes can be adapted to suit your needs like this Cape Malay style lentil stew. Lentil bobotie or vegan bunny chow, there's plenty to keep your taste buds satisfied.


For the carnivores out there, on a keto diet or gluten-free, don't miss out on South African's favourite snack biltong. Enjoy a tasting of a wide variety of biltongs from beef to eland, ostrich even zebra.

Africa on a plate

This tasting plate of popular South African dishes can be fully customised for vegans and gluten-free. Everything is made fresh and with passion; bobotie, bunny chow, ostrich pot pie and idombolo which includes chakalaka and pap.

dark chocolate goodness

No food tour would be complete without something sweet: cappucino with coconut milk served with dark chocolate sweet potato brownies, gluten-free banana bread bunny chow with dark chocolate sauce and coconut ice-cream

Who's hungry now?